Previous coaches

Coaches we used to own

Ffion Y11 HMC Plaxton Panther Dennis R series

53 Reclining Seats with 3 point seat belts

Air Conditioning

2 Camera CCTV


Body: Plaxton Panther

Chassis: Dennis R Series

Engine: Cummins ISM11 410 BHP

Gearbox: 12 Speed ZF astronic

Phoebe ERZ 1516 Iveco Beulas Stergo 1st coach in the fleet

53 Reclining Seats with Lap seat belts

Roof mounted heating & ventillation

3 Camera CCTV


Body: Beulas Stergo

Chassis: Iveco

Engine: Iveco 10 litre 350 BHP

Gearbox: ZF 8 speed '4 over4'

PJZ 9335 The Bluebird


Caetano Algarve II MAN chassis, New to Williams coaches of Brecon

ERZ 1615

BMC Probus 850

Ffion 2 LP08 AEC DAF LF55 Leicester Carriage Body

Tel: 01938 811700

Mob: 0777 9272918


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